Information Systems, Security and Forensics Lab

The Information Systems, Security, and Forensics (ISSF) laboratory is founded on a vision of transferring mathematical and statistical tools employed in the signal processing to analyze large-scale data to solve challenging problems in the areas of deepfakes, automotive cybersecurity, sensor data integrity verification, and multimedia forensics. The ISSF lab provides the resources required to train a workforce of professionals in the areas of deepfakes, automotive cybersecurity, cyber-physical system security, sensor security, information security, forensic science, and multimedia processing. This lab is equipped with a number of desktop computers and laptops, a variety of smartphones, sensors, a Ford Focus vehicle, a test-bed for in-vehicle network communication, sound recording equipment, a recording studio with controlled reverberations, microphone calibration equipment, digital video cameras, and a repository of software for acquiring in-vehicle network (IVN) traffic, tools to analyze large scale data and manipulating digital media.

Lab News:

  • 04/21: Congratulations Raghavendar (Raghu) Changalvala (now Dr. Raghavendar (Raghu) Changalvala) on successfully defending your PhD dissertation!!!

  • 04/21: Congratulations Brandon Fedoruk on successfully defending your Master's thesis!!!

  • 03/21: Our paper on cryptojacking was accepted in DSN 2021.

  • 03/21: Our paper on automotive cybersecurity was accepted in Intelligent Systems Conference 2021 (IntelliSys'21).

  • 03/21: Malik and Mohammadi receives NSF grant for $478K to secure connected autonomous vehicles against cyber threats.

  • 08/20: Congratulations Dr. Azeem Hafeez on accepting a faculty position in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan - Dearborn!!!

  • 07/20: Our Dark Firmware paper was accepted in RAID 2020.

  • Dr. Malik gave keynote talk during International Workshop Cybersecurity of Connected & Autonomous Vehicle: Challenges and Opportunities held by the Center of Excellence in Information Assurance at the King Saud University on December 2, 2020

  • Dr. Malik gave keynote talk during International Conference on Digitalization and Cyber Security 2020 during June 30 & July 1 by the Virtual University of Pakistan

  • Azeem Hafeez successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Azeem Hafeez!

  • Dr. Malik gave keynote talk titled “Cybersecurity for Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Threats & Solutions,” during 2nd Int. Conference on Communication Technologies 2019 (ComTech-2019) at the Military College of Signals, National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan.